Ruimte voor Vertraging
Space for Slowing Down

Experimental Design Research
Art Education x Psychology x Spatial Design


#01  How Art can make us slow down
#02  Psychological flexibility
#03  Weaving as a metaphor
#04  Practicing the delay in action
#05  coming soon

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*This project is currently in development. Work in progress.



The goal of this experimental research is to understand how looking, talking, smelling, tasting and experiencing can influence our mental wellbeing. How social aspects, interactions between people and spatial conditions such as form and material can be designed in such a way that supports the wellbeing of people.

Through our experimental programs, we want to make the participants be aware of the moment they are in and purposefully make them slow down. We think that being aware of our different views on the world is the first small step which leads to a larger path in reducing stress.

The art educator will start the delay by looking at art and starting a dialogue. The spatial designer will observe and research the possibility of creating a sensorial space that gently reinforces the act of slowing down. In addition, the psychologist will also initiate a dialogue using food as the medium.

By sharing experiences through this unique program and spatial intervention, we want to examine the influences of togetherness that we create, and how we can draw a new type of scenario that will affect our experience of time.


  • Goedele Wellens is an Art Educator who wants to connect people, help them wonder and experience the world from different perspectives by looking and experiencing art. 
“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”
Anaïs Nin

  • Antoon Wellens is a professional psychologist and founder of ActTogether. He is interested in phychological flexibility and the way to create a meaningful life.
  • Emi Tsutsushio is a spatial researcher and designer interested in the public interior, wellbeing and our future living. 
“Building with visible forms in order to make invisible forms and experience tactile and present”
Hans van der Laan

This experimental research project is made possible with the kind support of Cultuurfonds's-Hertogenbosch.

The team is thinking, researching and designing from the Netherlands.
If you are interested in talking with us, just send us a note! 

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